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Our Mission

The best marketing solutions do not come off an assembly line. They come from results-driven, award-winning creative thinkers; creative ideas are the driving force of our agency. At Neff Associates, we strategize, design and execute integrated campaigns that turn ideas into reality.

Our full-service, multi-faceted approach utilizes public relations, marketing, social media, creative design and advertising to shape your brand. More simply, our mission is to make you and your brand look good.

Neff Associates

Founded in 1987, Neff Associates is an award-winning agency that specializes in branding services and public relations in Philadelphia for restaurants, hospitality, B2B, and other consumer-based accounts. We provide all services in-house, from branding and PR to website design/content creation to social media. This enables clients to receive all their marketing needs from one agency, and allows them to transition seamlessly from one project to the next without reeducating the agency on the brand, the corporate culture and other pertinent information.  This maximizes opportunities for success for our clients while saving them time and money.

Most importantly, we are a results-driven agency, and our team strives to make the best decisions in order to yield the most compelling quantitative results for our clients.